Sarah Reynolds

Sarah has been teaching voice professionally to students of all ages and experience levels for over 10 years.  She has over 15 years of vocal and musical training with the nation’s top instructors and holds a Masters in Vocal Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music.  Sarah is a highly skilled vocal technician known for her fun approach to singing, knack for crafting personalized lessons, and accessible techniques that get results.


If you’d like to inquire about lessons or consulting, please email me at or call 213.915.4167.

About Lessons

Everyone has the right to discover his or her true potential as a singer. Whether you are a curious beginner pursuing singing as a hobby, a recording artist or singer-songwriter in search of skills to maximize your vocal performance and boost your singing career, or a working professional who views voice study as a means to build confidence in other disciplines such as acting, teaching, or public speaking, I am excited to help you achieve your goals.

I understand firsthand that singing is an incredibly personal event and lessons are taught one-on-one, in a relaxed setting where singing is approached according to the student’s needs, pace, interests, and goals. Lessons can include:

Singing is an aerobic activity; your body is your instrument. My teaching emphasizes the vitality of a strong mind-body connection, reliable vocal support, and efficient, healthy vocal production. These universal techniques will equip you with greater vocal range and agility, stamina and health, confidence and power—and they can be applied across musical genres. Whether your specialty is rock, pop, r&b, jazz, country, opera, or musical theatre, my voice lessons will help you to prepare, practice, and perform at your best.

Services, Rates & Policies

Services offered: 1 hour, 45min, and 30min Private Lessons, Consulting, and Master Classes

Please contact me at to discuss your needs and/or request a quote.

Students of all ages and experience levels are welcome.


I was in town for six weeks because my band was touring in the area and I went to see Sarah in order to develop my voice. Sarah was a wonderful teacher – she was incredibly thorough and very good at explaining different techniques and exercises to me. She is always encouraging and gives 100% every time. She got sounds out of me that I never knew I could make! I told her that I prefer to use imagery when working with my voice and she really took this on board – she used a wide variety of inventive metaphors which really helped me understand how to work with my voice. Although she is from a classical background, she understands the demands of singing in a pop/folk context and tailored her lessons with me to this. After studying with her for six weeks I was so much more confident onstage and I continue to use the exercises and advice she’s given me. And when I returned to LA next I hope to continue lessons with her.

-Lydia S. Singer, The Melodic

Seeing Sarah weekly is truly one of the few things I look forward to doing every week. She is awesome! I wanted to take voice lessons as a hobby and found Sarah using Yelp. I have been seeing her for almost 2 months now and I have noticed progress in my singing and have been having fun while doing so. I have learned a lot about how to use your voice as an instrument. So if you are looking for a voice teacher, you should definitely see Sarah!

-Cindy B.

Voice lessons with Sarah Reynolds are a delight. In each lesson, she creates a positive, supportive space in which to grow. She possesses a unique ability to balance positive feedback with specific and constructive suggestions for improvement, and welcomes the singer to discuss what he or she is experiencing with his or her own instrument. It is an enlightening experience and it’s clear Sarah truly cares about the growth and success of her students. Thanks to her guidance, I have experienced immense improvements in how I think about and use my voice. Highly recommend.

-Madeline B, Actress

I went to Sarah with little to no singing experience whatsoever and she has helped me build a foundation to a point where I can use my voice with confidence. She is very friendly and laid back and creates a wonderful learning environment in her home studio. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to improve the quality of your voice.

-Brian O., Actor

I starting taking lessons with Sarah after a 3 year hiatus from singing training and was blown away by how fast things started coming back. Not only was she getting me back on track, but she was also picking up where my last teacher left off, with no sense of having to start back at the beginning! She has a wonderful energy, is very supportive, and pushes you in the right way to not settle for anything less than your best singing! I highly recommend her for any singer at any level!

-Derek Lux, Actor

Sarah is a wonderful teacher. The description of her services is apt. She is creative, she tries hard to make sure that you’re doing more than just rote exercises, but instead wants you to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and why it will benefit your singing. Her guidance is gentle but firm and she is generous with warm encouragement and praise. I have seen and felt real changes and am very grateful. (and she’s a such nice a person : )

-Joy Vick, Singer, Metropolitan Master Chorale

Sarah has taught me so much about my voice as an instrument. Sarah teaches voice for both singers and speakers. I started taking classes with her to work on my breath support and speaking style for a TV gig. Immediately, we got to work with singing exercises (which actually changed the way I support my breath when I speak). Sarah is supportive and calm in her lessons. Her home studio is a very relaxing place, so it doesn’t feel like work at all. She emails me after each lesson with a reminder of homework and setting up the next session with her is a snap! I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to work on their voice, or anyone who wants to learn about the instrument they carry with them all the time.

-Kate G., Writer & Web Series Host

I have been taking voice lessons from Sarah for almost half a year and in this time, she has improved my vocal range and agility tremendously. Her feedback for my original compositions is invaluable. I recommend Sarah as a voice teacher for students of any level.

-Alex Gold, Harmonix Music Systems

Sarah Reynolds is an amazing vocal coach. Not only is she extremely professional, but she is charming, witty, fun, charismatic and challenging. Taking vocal lessons with her would only be a compliment. Thank you Sarah!!:)

-Penna P., Singer-Songwriter

I came back to singing after quite a long hiatus. My goals with Sarah were to get back in shape vocally, and feel confident going to Musical Theatre auditions; as well as reconnect mind and instrument. What I received in my lessons with Sarah was much more than this. My confidence not only as a vocalist but as an actor and in my personal life were rather low when we started. Sarah guided me through an amazing journey of self discovery. With emphasis on how our minds and bodies connect and using imagery that just resonated so well with me; Sarah helped me open everything up. My confidence grew and grew, which translated into my singing and life in general. My new mantra “assume success” is taken directly from the lips of Sarah Reynolds. Her future students are so blessed.

-MaryBeth Makara, Actor, Improviser, Instructor

I had always thought of singing as something that my mom or my friend did well, and that someday I should really take lessons to see if I had any talent. I wasn’t sure about the talent part. I had absolutely no experience-no choir or singing groups as a child, and I had avoided karaoke whenever possible. In my first six months, with Sarah’s practical and fun approach, I am learning my range, and developing basic skills that I am excited to build on. Sarah explains things so clearly, in a way that someone without formal training can really work and grow with. I have also strengthened my speaking voice, and learned how to protect myself from the overuse that I am really prone to… my only regret is not starting sooner.

-Deb L., Doctor

I worked with Sarah from 2005-2008 after deciding to take voice lessons to improve my shower singing. Now I not only sing along with the radio better, but I find I often use her techniques in my daily life. When I’m feeling stressed, I remind myself to relax my face muscles. When I am leading a group meeting, I now know how to project my voice without causing strain. Sarah is a fun, caring instructor. During my sessions with her, I felt I was not only being taught by a teacher, I was being cared for by a friend.

-Anna Koon, Artist

I worked with Sarah to prepare a musical theatre piece.  This was my first musical since high school. I was nervous and wasn’t sure I could pull off an entire song on my own.  Sarah helped to calm my nerves and feel prepared.  I really appreciated the amount of time she spent teaching theory, timing, and structure.  I have a better understanding of how to use my voice and I can’t wait to audition for my next show!

-Kate Garvey, Actor

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Master of Music in Vocal Performance, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA 2002

Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ 2000

Over 10 years of teaching experience: adults and children, beginners and professionals, at
public and private institutions

Over 15 years of vocal training & performance experience

2 years of college and graduate level study in Vocal Pedagogy and Teaching Assistantship for the
New England Conservatory Voice Department