Sarah Reynolds

Improv 101

Just over seven years ago I took my first class at ImprovBoston. My tenure with IB soon grew to include performing with their Harold Teams, Mainstage, and Family Show, teaching youth and adult improv classes, and co-producing several projects. A friend of mine in that first improv class used to joke, “someday they will give us keys to this place…” His joke became a reality when I joined IB’s improv training program as an instructor.

Now, several years later I’ve turned in my keys, moved to a new city, and become an improv 101 student again! I’m enrolled in classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA and performing this Saturday 11/13 at 5:30pm, UCBLA, Franklin Ave, Los Angeles. ($5 cash at the door.)

I cannot say enough about how rewarding my experiences studying, performing, and teaching improv have been, or quantify the profound and positive impact these experiences have had on my singing and teaching. For more information on improv classes and shows at the UCB, visit

Also worth mentioning is that I offer a discount on voice lessons to members of the UCB community — students, teachers and performers — $50 for a first hour-long lesson ($10 discount).